Thursday, November 10, 2005

Welcome, Agents of Change

Hello and welcome to those of you who participated in the "Becoming Agents of Change" training this week. Thanks again for making it such a valuable experience. If you feel comfortable doing so, please feel free to post a comment to say hi and let me know you stopped by here.

In the coming days I will post some of my own left-over thoughts from the conference to generate discussion around working with men who batter. This website will only be as useful as we make it, so please join in the discussion, post your thoughts and questions.

To post a comment click on "comments" below, then choose either "anonymous" or "other". Choosing "other" gives you the option to leave your name, but feel free to remain anonymous. Once you've typed your comment, click "publish".

There are two ways to read comments: 1) Click on "comments" below or, 2) Find the title of the post on the right side of the screen under "previous posts". If you click on that it will take you to a page with my post and all comments to that post on one page.

I suggest checking back about once a week to read new content. I hope you find this blog useful. Please feel free to suggest topics you'd like to see here, as well as any other suggestions.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Andy!
What a great seminar!!!! I learned so much and my co-facilitator and I have had much discussion around all the different subjects that were discussed. I especially liked the info on the shorter intakes and you and Dr. Miller were an excellent role model for equal relationships andco facilitating!!

2:43 PM  

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