Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Month of Trainings

Well, I've just finished a month of trainings. I presented a workshop on Motivational Interviewing at St. Leonard's House in Chicago. Then, a workshop on working with men who batter at Safe Passage in DeKalb, IL. Followed by our semi-annual 3 day batterer's intervention training for IL Dept of Human Services in Springfield. Then, this morning I met with the staff at Emmaus Ministries to talk about working with resistance (ambivalence) and exploring the grey areas of doing para-professional urban ministry work. (whew!!)

To those of you who participated in one of these trainings, I truly appreciate the opportunity to interact with you and discuss the various clinical issues that arose. Feel free to contact me by email or phone, or to leave comments or questions here by clicking on the word "comments" after each post. I will try to post some follow-up posts to tie together loose ends that come to mind as I reflect on the trainings.

Thanks for stopping by.


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