Monday, November 27, 2006

New Link - Bill O'Hanlon

Hello Friends, Long time no write.

I've been busy, clocking away internship hours at a family therapy center. I've had a million things to write about, but not much time to do so. In the meantime I've added a link to the side bar. It's the website of Bill O'Hanlon, If your not familiar with Bill, he is a therapist who founded what he calls Solution-Oriented Therapy. As the name suggests, it's akin to Solution-Focused Therapy. I'm adding his link for a few reasons. One, I'm really interested in learning more about Bill and his work. My internship supervisors have turned me on to some of his articles, which have been very eye-opening for me. Secondly, the site is a great example of what a therapist with some ingenuity and entrepeneurial spirit can do.

Hope you are all well.


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